We are a study of design and development Web

Our adventure initiates in 2004 in order to offer services to companies that until that moment did not enjoy the due attention on the part of the great corporations that operate in the sector of computer science and the new technologies.

Our enterprise principles are: Creativity, professionalism and efficiency.

For it we counted on two creative equipment dedicated to the design Web, development of applications; and a professional equipment dedicated to marketing and communication that it has as committed the study of the market, the relation with the clients and the management of Social Communities.

Both equipment works in an atmosphere of continuous communication; which, together with the use and domain of equipment and software of last generation, allows us to assure an efficient answer to him professional and to its needs with a high degree quality and in a period optimal time.

Creativity, professionalism and efficiency

Our methodology

In our work there is a clear protagonist: the client. On the tour our methodology of work, insofar as our services cover the created expectations and therefore a satisfaction of its real needs takes place.

For its attainment the communication between the client and the developer takes a capital importance, being to our way to understand, the implication of both parts, the essential part of any type of project.

Our methodology


Initial definition of the project, composition of first ideas and sketches. Supervision on the part of the client.


Development of the rightest idea according to both parts. Initial production. Supervision on the part of the client.


Purification of the project in case it needed changes or shadings. Supervision on the part of the client.


In case the previous phases have been completed correctly. Execution of the project and closes.

You want to initiate or to improve your presence in the network?

From our homes, the philosophy and metodogia adopted by each member of our equipment have a clear objective, to obtain the maximum yield of the presence of our clients in the network, being developed accessible, intuitive, attractive websites for the user and always using the more modern and efficient techniques and tools.

For WatchingBSG each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to apply our passion by our work in the elaboration of professional and profitable solutions for our client. You have an idea? We do it reality.