Social average


We offer one to you varied range of services as Community Manager and the Average Social scope.


Home of profiles of company in social networks, study and proposal of campaigns, daily pursuit, publishing service, report of interactions and ROI, customized applications, graphical design€¦


Our plans are not closed, they do not have permanence commitment, and the circumstances and real needs of each company adapt to.


Social average

As we worked?


We move with ease in the network, always adapting us to the changes, contributing improvements and acting agreed to the situations that surround the panorama by the Social Average.


The work of the Community Manager is not limited to publish precise information in each one of the many social networks, is necessary to draw up a plan that helps to always show a real image us and near of the company or product, devising original and unique strategies, and contributing to ideas based on the real needs and the experience in means.


Itself these looking for to increase €śI on Facebook Like€ť of your FanPage, or the followers of your profile of Twitter or Google Plus are possible that you do not need our services, but you want to create a real community around your company, with true potential clients, that could become the best ambassadors of your product, our equipment can help to obtain it you.


Community Salamanca manager

Community services Manager and Social Average


Hundreds of companies already have trusting in our services to manage and to maintain their profiles in social networks, to develop to their Web sites, to draw up positioning strategies and to improve their rate of conversion in Internet.


Community services Manager and Social Average




We create and we start up profiles of companies and services in the social networks.


We personalize and we adapted the image of your company in the social networks chosen to promote itself, taking advantage of to the maximum the edition possibilities of each them.



Daily publications in all the social profiles, always following you rule noticeable, creating contained of quality for the user.


We guaranteed to you that the publications will be unique and original 100%.

Proposal of campaigns


We study each case separately, and we made decisions following the needs, it reaches, and sector of your company.


We propose the best strategy, always under your supervision and adapting us to a defined, constant and agreed publishing line to each scene.

Interaction with users


Continuous Interacion with users, the user is the king of our Social Networks, and for that reason we concentrated in promoting, continuing and to participate in interactions with these.


Management of events and contests, we organized and matenemos your campaigns and promotions.

Daily pursuit


We take to end daily monitorings of all the profiles, with the purpose of detecting and to report interaciones on the part of the users, as well as possible opportunities of success.


You can decicar itself to sell, and to take care of your business, we were in charge of your visibility.

Graphical design


Service of edition of images and preparation of promotional banners adapted in format and size to the technical requirements of the different Social Networks.


We offer to you to emphasize with respect to your competitors thanks to our experience.

You want to initiate or to improve your presence in the network?


From our homes, the philosophy and metodogia adopted by each member of our equipment have a clear objective, to obtain the maximum yield of the presence of our clients in the network, being developed accessible, intuitive, attractive websites for the user and always using the more modern and efficient techniques and tools.


For WatchingBSG each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to apply our passion by our work in the elaboration of professional and profitable solutions for our client. You have an idea? We do it reality.