Hosting and registry of domains

The election of a name of suitable domain for any visible project in the network will be determining for its reputation and later visibility in the finders, since these very tendran it in account at the time of showing it or not in the most interesting and oriented results of the search a determined business.

Also, the election of a system of lodging stable Web and good reputation will determine the experience and the times of load that we will offer to our visitors. In WatchingBSG we were in charge of all the necessary processes for the registry of its domain and configuration of hosting Web, from the home to the aim of the process.

Hosting and domains

Hosting Web

With the aim of offering efficient global solutions and to the projects and applications Web developed by our equipment, we also offer a professional service of hosting administered own Web.

At the moment we had two lodged dedicated Web servers in CPD's of high reputation, both count on more the high tech in hardware and connectivity, and have a system of technical support that maintains them monitored during the 24 hours of the day.

Although we can manage projects in servers engaged or administered by the own client, the implementation of applications and websites in our own servers gives the opportunity us to optimize to the maximum all the processes of development and maintenance of the site, which is translated in one better technical answer and runtimes in the site more reduced.

We have different totally personalizables options from hosting Web from each case, on capacity to activate or to deactivate according to the needs of our clients, the different services and functions available, all our equipment count on functions of e-mail, webmail service, support php, data bases, fire-guards and anti-virus, antiSpam, accounts FTP, backups programmedĶ

Web Hosting

Registry of domains

The name of selected domain is determining for your Web, since this it will comprise of the identity of the project, being one of the determining factors that the different finders will consider at the time of showing the results for the tried objective search for our business.

One of the keys for the election of the name for any website is that well it is related to the main activity, trying in addition at any moment that this is easy to remember for the users. Also, the election of the extension or extensions of the domain will be determines to you for search engine optimization as much as so that our public can identify and remember his business easily.

In addition to the extensions of domains global and more common in Internet, as .com or .net, also other types of domains are found that can adjust faithfully more to the sector of activity as national or territorial .gov, .org or .edu, extensions as .es, .cat, or .pt.

In WatchingBSG we analyzed each project of indiviual form exhausitavamente and advised at the time of choosing so much the domain name as the suitable extension of this more for the project, we were in charge of all the legal steps and necessary procedures for the registry of domains, annual maintenance or modificacón or establishment of adapted configuration DNS more for the correct redireccionamiento of the webpage.

Our registries of domains are carried out through several resisted and trustworthy National Recording Agents and so we took working during last the 10 years.

Registry of domains

You want to initiate or to improve your presence in the network?

From our homes, the philosophy and metodogia adopted by each member of our equipment have a clear objective, to obtain the maximum yield of the presence of our clients in the network, being developed accessible, intuitive, attractive websites for the user and always using the more modern and efficient techniques and tools.

For WatchingBSG each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to apply our passion by our work in the elaboration of professional and profitable solutions for our client. You have an idea? We do it reality.