You need presence in Internet?

At present, not to have website to his company or business, causes that his possibilities to increase clients see reduced remarkably, if has a Web, but not has be developed in accordance with his needs, not code contains HTML valid, or this designed in flash, his site, will continue being invisible for finders, and if it does not have an adaptable Web that he is visible in movable devices or tablets, will lose visits of possible potential clients.

Our philosophy of development is to createwebsites with a clear innovating intention, that we considered secures thanks to a rigorous control of the contents and to a constant search of elegance and brightness in the aesthetic thing, that allows us to create a unique and original place

Design Web

Design Web to size

We did not use groups, cms, nor elements prefabricated in our projects, exactly elaborated our sites to size and taste of the client, always basing us on the tendencies and efficient and contrastastadas techniques of design but.

We think that the true secret to create a profitable business in the network is to work in all the aspects that can affect to the usability of the site and the interaction with the user. We find the exact measurement between creative and highly simple designs in navigation. The difficulty at the time of sailing by stio Web is essential, a correct use of the usability techniques and codido HTML standard validated by W3C, will avoid that the visitors, and possible clients, leave it quickly.

In WatchingBSG, each project Web is a new opportunity of desmostrar our knowledge and enthusiasm by means, we analyzed initially each case basing us on the purpose or message that is tried to transmit, and once made specific the idea, developed the optimum strategy to cause a true impact in the receiver and to offer a nice and simple experience to him.

Design Web responsive

Stores online

A virtual store, lies down online, site ecommerce or purchase cart, allows to take our products us and services to a world-wide plane, are platforms Web where it is possible to realise purchases or to consult the details of his products.

This type of applications Web works as a true product catalogue, and like these, we must take care of so much the presentation as the information nails that the usuary delay to find in our site, like if visited our physical store or received the visit of one of the members of our commercial department.

They incorporate a system of purchase or cart online in which the user adds the products who wishes to acquire, to finalize confirming his order and choosing some of the forms of payment that can be implemented, as payments by means of credit card through a Virtual TPV, payments contrareembolso, banking transferences

We were in charge to construct their store online, you will only have to worry to manage the orders and to take care of the consultations of his clients. We count on infinity of possibilities that we can apply in the development of websites for electronic commerce, adapting us to the pefección to the needs of each project.

Our implementations e-commerce do not estan cradles in solutions prefabricated as the Prestashop systems, Magento or another CMS's similar, we created customized stores online and totally adapted to the needs of the client or type business.

Stores online

Web responsive

The use of tablets and movable devices is reaching quotas to which it is not possible to be ignored. The design adaptive Web responsive or (In English Responsive Web Design), is a technique of model-making of pages Webs that the optimal visualization of our website in all type of devices and resolutions allows us.

Thanks this type of design, we obtained that our images and texts, are despliquen and show differently according to the surroundings of the visitor. Our site will adapt of automatic form so that their structure is optimal for their visualization on the part of the user.

Web responsive is not basic a movable version of our site, is a complex system that allows to choose the best option of visualization in all the devices, offering to the visitor a customized experience 100%.

Design Web responsive

Positioning Web

If it wants to make profitable your business in Internet of ordering the design of a website is not the last step, it is necessary to take care of his virtual reputation and to make precise tasks of search engine optimization, for it always it is necessary to realise an audit of the site and an analysis of the initial positioning, and peridociamente to continue working to observe the evolution of the same and to find new opportunities to improve his position in the web search engines.

In WatchingBSG we realised a complete audit of all type of Webs and offer a report SEO, in which we designed a trip ticket of the changes necessary to manage to reach the first positions in the main finders, and the later actions that will as much be carried out in the website, as outside, to secure this objective.

We think that secret of the success to position a website in Internet it is the periodic and constant work that assures the attainment all the objectives of the positioning project Web SEO, they are obtained, and they been lasting in the medium and long term.

Positioning Web

You want to initiate or to improve your presence in the network?

From our homes, the philosophy and metodogia adopted by each member of our equipment have a clear objective, to obtain the maximum yield of the presence of our clients in the network, being developed accessible, intuitive, attractive websites for the user and always using the more modern and efficient techniques and tools.

For WatchingBSG each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to apply our passion by our work in the elaboration of professional and profitable solutions for our client. You have an idea? We do it reality.