Experts in design Web

WatchingBSG is a design study Web and Hosting development of computer science applications directed to the company.

It arises in 2004 in order to offer services to SMEs and medians companies that until that moment did not enjoy the due attention on the part of the great corporations that operate in the sector of computer science and the new technologies.

During our 10 years of life, a constant renovation, formation and knowledge of the new techniques and tools used in the design Web and development of applications, have allowed us to offer efficient and professional solutions.

It trusts us, than 100 clients satisfied more in 2018 are our endorsement.

WatchingBSG Expert in design Web

But, that we can offer to you?

The technological revolution that has caused the sprouting of new technologies, and has caused that Internet becomes the main model of communication at present.

Our equipment this formed by enthusiastic professionals of the new technologies. We offer an ample range to you of products and services that will perfectly replace the needs of their company or business, from the registry of domains, lodging Web, development of corporative sites and applications to size, until the conception of complete corporative identities.

In WatchingBSG we are expert in developing ideas, if you have one, we we do it reality.

Registry of domains, lodging, design Web

Design Web

For but of 10 years we worked in the design of Webs in Salamanca and the rest of the national territory, with clients satisfied in multitude of places of Spanish geography.

We create websites with a clear innovating intention, that we considered secures thanks to a rigorous control of the contents and to a constant search of elegance and brightness in the aesthetic thing, that allows us to create a unique and original place

We did not use groups, cms, nor elements prefabricated in our projects, exactly elaborated our sites to size and taste of the client, always basing us on the tendencies and efficient and contrastastadas techniques of design but.

Design Web

Design Web

Social Average

We offer one to you varied range of services in the Average Social scope, home of profiles of company in social networks, study and proposal of campaigns, daily pursuit, publishing service, report of interactions and ROI, customized applications, graphical design

We personalize and we adapted the image of your company in the social networks chosen to promote itself, taking advantage of to the maximum the edition possibilities of each them.

Our plans are not closed, they do not have permanence commitment, and the circumstances and real needs of each company adapt to.

Social Average

Social Average

Graphical design

We are conscious of the importance that has the graphical design in the enterprise development and of its products.

Drawing up and to development of logos as main representation of the ideology and image of the company. Development and application of graphical image for all type of packings. Compositions, photomontages, model-making

In this sense we considered that a correct development of logo, corporative image and packging can bring about an important push of the company with respect to their image and to its positioning in the market.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Hosting and domains

If you need to register your domain and to give of high your hosting to initiate your walking online, or by the account one, these looking for a trustworthy solution with stop uptime and support you personalize, we are sure that we can help you.

With the aim of offering complete solutions to our projects Web, we offer a service of hosting own Web, as well as the registry and maintenance of domains.

At present we managed the dominos and lodgings of hundreds of companies, realising any type of technical management that is necessary, aesorando and implementing the best solutions so that your project has the space in the network that is deserved.

Hosting and domains

Hosting and domains

Programming to size

Take advantage the possibilities of the new technologies and develop to software and customized applications to save time and to improve the possibilities of his company.

It needs an application management for his company that works to traverse in Internet? An efficient solution to which their employees can accede from any place, collect data or update them? You don't find software necessary to take to end your idea?

If you have an idea we we can develop it, she consults his case without no commitment

Programming Web to size

Programming Web

You want to initiate or to improve your presence in the network?

From our homes, the philosophy and metodogia adopted by each member of our equipment have a clear objective, to obtain the maximum yield of the presence of our clients in the network, being developed accessible, intuitive, attractive websites with unlimited hosting for the user and always using the more modern and efficient techniques and tools.

For WatchingBSG each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to apply our passion by our work in the elaboration of professional and profitable solutions for our client. You have an idea? We do it reality.